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How to add Twin Beam HID Mod in Pulsar 220 (P220)

Most of us are not satisfied with the level of illumination our bikes provide. For few it might be “OK” type for their daily commutes. Different people, on different bikes of different Brands, all on the road. For all those people who possess a Pulsar 220, the headlight is really good, and most of them are satisfied with it.

But for the lot, which includes me as well, there nothing known as enough light!  Even before testing a P220, I had thought of using both the beams together and finally, I have successfully tried and tested, such setup.

The usage idea is simple. The low beam works as a single beam, but when switchover to high beam, my low beam remains on, along with the high beam. (With a toggle switch to go back to stock setup)

The modification makes use of a relay, because the 220’s BCU does not simply allow both the bulbs to work, simply by shorting the two. Still, the mod is simple, and is fully reversible and does not need any kind of wire cutting, hence no problem with warranty with the bike or HID. The BCU is not all bad, as it automatically switches of the light in case of overload or severe battery drain.

This mod applies only to HIDs. As combined load of 2 HIDs is just 70W.
We need to replace the Pilot Bulbs to LEDs saving 10W.
So in stock mod our bulb setup consumes 2X5=10W + 55W = 65W.
Where’s as twin HID’s consume 35W X 2 = 70W.

Setup is simple. The (+)Ve of the Low beam Bulb, goes to the relay at A. When the Low beam is selected the relay is not activated and low beam completes the circuit through point B and goes to the socket of Low Beam. When the High Beam is selected, the High Beam glows as well as the Relay get activated, and hence the low beam completes the circuit at C, and the low beam gets power through High Beam Socket. A Toggle switch, keeps the Relay deactivated even if high beam is selected.

So go ahead and have the best possible illumination on any Indian Stock Bike!

I have been testing it for last few days, and it does not affect the battery. In case of a problem with the relay, the bike simply returns to stock system (Single Beam HID not Halogen).