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Windows 7 GodMode Hack – How to

The New Window 7 from Microsoft has more to say then just of its gleaming looks and style statement.
Reliable sources quotes at Window 7 has revealed a new Hack. They prefer to name “GodMode”

A newly formed page has some good options to play around with W7. Just give a shot!!!

You may be mistaken by its look for some kind a Control Panel or similar. They give you the options as “Backup Your Computer” & “Login Credentials” and much more stuffs like that. With more the 50 options to play around, settings to get enabled by simple rename,  this can be quite amazing (depends on the level of geek in you)

Swapan Pradhan, Windows 7

The Trick

  1. Swapan Pradhan icon

    Create a new folder (anywhere, I choose Libraries>Documents)

  2. Rename the folder to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    (please note you can change the name GodMode but not the code)
  3. The folder icons gets changed

Swapan Pradha, Windows 7


How to add Twin Beam HID Mod in Pulsar 220 (P220)

Most of us are not satisfied with the level of illumination our bikes provide. For few it might be “OK” type for their daily commutes. Different people, on different bikes of different Brands, all on the road. For all those people who possess a Pulsar 220, the headlight is really good, and most of them are satisfied with it.

But for the lot, which includes me as well, there nothing known as enough light!  Even before testing a P220, I had thought of using both the beams together and finally, I have successfully tried and tested, such setup.

The usage idea is simple. The low beam works as a single beam, but when switchover to high beam, my low beam remains on, along with the high beam. (With a toggle switch to go back to stock setup)

The modification makes use of a relay, because the 220’s BCU does not simply allow both the bulbs to work, simply by shorting the two. Still, the mod is simple, and is fully reversible and does not need any kind of wire cutting, hence no problem with warranty with the bike or HID. The BCU is not all bad, as it automatically switches of the light in case of overload or severe battery drain.

This mod applies only to HIDs. As combined load of 2 HIDs is just 70W.
We need to replace the Pilot Bulbs to LEDs saving 10W.
So in stock mod our bulb setup consumes 2X5=10W + 55W = 65W.
Where’s as twin HID’s consume 35W X 2 = 70W.

Setup is simple. The (+)Ve of the Low beam Bulb, goes to the relay at A. When the Low beam is selected the relay is not activated and low beam completes the circuit through point B and goes to the socket of Low Beam. When the High Beam is selected, the High Beam glows as well as the Relay get activated, and hence the low beam completes the circuit at C, and the low beam gets power through High Beam Socket. A Toggle switch, keeps the Relay deactivated even if high beam is selected.

So go ahead and have the best possible illumination on any Indian Stock Bike!

I have been testing it for last few days, and it does not affect the battery. In case of a problem with the relay, the bike simply returns to stock system (Single Beam HID not Halogen).

The Weekend Ride

So finally after all those hectic schedules, I got a ticket for a ride. It was quite a time since I was back on highway. I missed those lanes, the peculiar smell of tires & engines. Though I just had a day and could do something like 300+ Kms, so I decided to get the best of day. I was confused on the path I would like to drive in. I ended up making 2 routes.

1.      Kathmandu to Pokhara (Davis Fall)
2.      Kathmandu to Ram Nagar (I had been hearing that there was an awesome beech)

With my brains working at the speed of light, I finally opted for No#2 with a good reason my mind i.e. summer is somewhere round the corner. Its 8.30 and I am late on my setup. Finally within 20 mins I was through hustling roads of city and stride on highway. It was just 30 mins that I came to Naubise. Please be reminded that there is a way to Hetauda, the oldest highway of Nepal. I changed my mind, I am going for Plan B, took the lonesome highway. Lucky enough to get less traffic. I was loving each and every corner of this highway.

After hour and half ride through twisty mountain, I landed up in Daman – a spot well known for snowfalls and its panoramic views. Sunny day, cool breeze on your face, a ride to define you the best, what else do you ask for. Its was my butt- break so I went to the View Tower Resort. I had been hearing that on a very good day you get a excellent view of Mt Everest. Thrilled and excited, I made myself to the top of the tower to get up close and personnel with the iconic Mt Everest. It was a sunny day so I was quite positive to get the shot, but very little did I knew that the place where I stood had clear day and mountains were busy hiding behind the clouds. Gazed wide to the clear landscape, green mountains with very less population and not to forget the clean air that I was breathing.

Time to get back to the track, after few kilometers I was placed in twisty part. I was doing good until I found a spot for some photographs. Parked the bike on the edge and start going click click. (Counted In as my hobby). I had shots for time of my life. The sun at noon was quite warm enough and passing through those villages really made me feel good about my country and its men.

Small children playing with all they have, few selling flowers. Did get few but I could not afford to by the whole as there were more then 10 kids selling me those bouquets of flowers. Played with them for a while and got back to my path again.

So finally after 5 hours of steady ride I made my self to Hetauda, one of the industrial hub of my nation and not to forget the main junction connecting east with west. Had my lunch, as my dose of Red bull was about to extinct in me. Now, half part of my ride done; belly filled with delicious lunch, time to take break. As I was planning to be with water at the start of my journey, I drove to the river to chill out. Unleashed myself to expire on water, though I had no plans to swim in there but then having a spot inside the river sealed the deal in me.Placed some rocks to make myself a Rock Couch, feets soaked in moving water I was making myself energized. A pleasant time out and now headed back to where I belong.

Since the road was broad and daylight still hanging on, I had to make the best of it before dark. I revved a bit more then my usual speed and landed at Narayanghat. Now its 5 hours drive to Kathmandu, the uphill route. I wrestled with strong winds all the way to Mugling, to keep my stomach fueled as I still had a long way to go and I needed some strength to keep me going . Its already 8.30pm. I was feeling quite lazy after I took my dinner. After much of long ride of the day, I still had few more hours to proceed before I land myself on my cozy bed. With all the twist and turns, strong winds wrestle, overtakes I came to very distinctive point. I saw a milestone that read “Kathmandu – 46 Kms” and it had a right hander turn. I named it as “Rossi Corner”. Since he is good at turns with his legs out I wanted to do the same so I made a U turn and revved all the way with my right leg opened till I move past the dedicated corner. Trust me, it was fun, tryna be a part of Rossi on Enfield. With that grin on my face, I finally made my way through Kathmandu.

The Diary: Mahendranagar

An excursion on the road of the wild wild west.
A ride, i can never forget.
Moments treasured for sure,
a story i take everywhere i go

I always wanted to ride a major long distance trip, but somewhere I was always meddling with my work and time. With the passing of time, my wish was awarded, this time I am going to Mahendranagar and back. We planned the trip on very short notice and just packed off. We left Kathmandu at the dawn so that we could get the best of the day. The trip has to cover 100 bridges, uphill, slopes, off-road, the wild dense jungle, long stretch, and much more exciting view to be glanced.  We got started at around 3:30 AM with P-220 as “the ride”. We took the opening 25KMs very steady as this was the most annoying part at the start.  The speed was reduced and we cruised at relatively slow speeds to avoid any crash or potholes. What this meant was we lost some valuable time right at the start of the journey! I wished for free road ahead. But heck, there were some traffic especially the trucks coming to valley. We were literally doing the Zigzag mode. Finally we passed the first irritating phase and revved at our cruise speed to meet the timing we set for. After 70KMs of ride we took a butt break at Malekhu, checked the tires, wiped the visors and lamps and continued on.

The next spot was towards Mugling, that’s 110KMs down of Kathmandu, we did not stop and kept on riding till Narayanghat. It was 5:35AM in the morning and the city was already startled with people boarding vehicles to their respective destinations. The pack men were busy with peoples around and streets were already opened with shops, selling tea and regular stuffs. We stopped for 10 minutes and got our self over the big Narayani River. Now that we were on plains we decided to cover as much as we could before the mid day as this part of highway maximum traffic in first hours, vehicles from short distance and around going to Kathmandu is a usual part. We passed Naranyanghat in no time and headed straight to Kawasoti which is like 40KMs. We were riding and enjoying the every single part of until we were welcomed by this huge mist and fogs. We could hardly see what’s in front and our attire all soaked with early dew. We again stopped and cleansed our primary essentials. The mist around was induced of Arun River and we were close to it.

Now when we stopped this time, we detected a problem. No, the bike is in good order, it’s the bag pack. The bottom part of the bag pack had made little bit of scratches on the top of tail-lamps and we could not take it lightly. We arrived to our habitué gas station and re-fueled. Since we started in early hours we were covered with heavy duty clothes on. Time to get rid of it as the weather was mild and we could ride with simple Tee. Washed, changed and got back to the track again. We made it in Butwal at around 11AM, searched for accessories shop, got a smiley red sticker and patched. With many beautiful scenarios across, i was simply having the best of my times on the road and suddenly we had to take this uphill road. This part of road was quite similar to that of Hetauda-Daman-Naubise. We noted that the vehicles on this part were very low and got ourselves in off-road. The track was incubated with thick layers of fine dust particles of the rocks and recent landslides. We had hard times but finally we passed thru this rigid mountain of dust and rocks. We took our lunch at 1PM, well the food was OK type, but as we were hungry we took it as much as we could. We decided to ease ourselves for awhile.

Back on the road again cruising thru one of the most beautiful country side I ever came across. The shiny green meadows at one side and tress at the other. The cattle’s grazing and very few people walking. At a point, I just thought to reside at this place. It was such a beautiful place and with amazing view and resource, but thoughts are always a part and not a reality.

As we kept on riding, we traversed many small towns and villages, kids waving, people smiling. The gesture itself was so warm and comfortable. We were moving ahead, we saw a group of foreigner stucked. They were planning to go to Pokhara.  There were 10 of them with their Indian No registered Enfield’s and one of the bike had issues with crank shaft, though they had a mechanic but I found him quite dumb and these foreigner looked pretty annoyed. We suggested them to head Nepalganj, 70KMs ahead and get it fixed; it was near and could be restored easily as of availability of resource then to head Butwal which was like 170KMs from that spot.

Eventually we came to the much awaited place in the middle of jungle. Arrowhead roads for more than 20KMs, this was the place we decided to test our Bajaj Pulsar 220 to its last resort. Butt-break for us and time out to the bike. We tested the P220 for its max speed, the rpm, vibrations, tires and few more test. Results were simply awesome; we headed back to what we were there for. After cruising for few hours, we ultimately found ourselves in front of Bardia National Park. With big bushes and long grass on the side of the roads we were cruising like anything. The dawn at a side and destination still hundreds miles far now, we had to rev a bit more then the rest of the day and thanks to all those photography shoots. So, finally at 9:15PM we reached to the most extreme point in west and of Nepal, Mahendranagar. We checked in a hotel had our dinner and dived on beds.

We were planning to head towards Dharan, a city in east which was 1100KMS far from us, we had our breakfast and headed straight towards but ended ourselves in Dhangadi, which lies 50KMs south to Mahendranagar. We met my uncle and since India was few minutes away, we decided to drive in there. So we went to the border, got a ticket for next 15KMs. Once we crossed the border we found ourselves in an Indian National Park named Dudhwa, it was amazing, though we had seen all of those in Nepal, the only difference was the International Border line and Indian Language. While coming back to where we belonged we saw a male antler, it almost rammed me. In the end at 3PM we were back to Nepal and we had a long distance to cover up so we canceled the trip to Dharan and headed to Kathmandu, which off course was 700+ away. Riding for next 3 hours was fun as we had decided to be at Chisapani at 6, no matter what for few photo shoots and for the change of attires. We made it at 6:10PM, good light for photo shoot and time to change. We now had to cross almost 90KMs which was through the dense jungle of the National Park. We were advised to be alert for wild elephants and few animals. We heavily relied on the projector lamp of the P220. So, now we had no option then to gush ourselves through. This was one of most thrilled ride I ever been to, riding at the speed of 80+ wrapped with the essence of a dense jungle area with two souls. I was eagerly waiting for few thrills but my bad luck. Few security check and we were out of the jungle in 2 hours, no encounter with any wild animals, just a blissful ride. The night was calm and really beautiful, the twinkling of stars and cold air trickling my face was one of the best thing. The road was good one, no potholes, no hinder and very less traffic.

We stopped for another butt-break but then we found a small mishap, we had to escort this guy to near by town as he had a minor misfortune. This guy was on Pulsar 200 and as we started off, he was still speeding. So we thought why not try as its in middle of clean highway with less traffic and seriously this guy had to be tamed (I know, its not a good idea but then we just let go off our essential guide lines for a while). With the difference of 20cc I could see him being lost at RVM (Rear View Mirror) many times. We arrived at his town, offered a tea and then we set off again, riding all the way long on a solitary night we finally reached Butwal at 5AM.

We were now eased as we knew this part of highway pretty well. Had some omlettes and tea, laid back for a while and then finally set off. We reached Narayanghat at 9AM, now the traffic was high as this city is a major hub for the flow of transportation across the nation. You can go to any part via this city. We were pretty much reduced with our energy level, its almost 24 hours that we been riding. We barely had enough of energy to take us to Kathmandu, which was still 200KMs away. We took it slow and steady till Mugling, as we enjoy our travel food on this very spot. We were starving from last night dinner, so we just could not wait longer. Finally the food’s here and we could not concentrate anywhere else then our delicious Thakali- A Nepali Cuisine. With the short hand of the watch perfectly at 1PM we headed back to Kathmandu. With flowing of rivers, children on streets and people busy with their schedules we moved along the highway. Slow and steadily we drove through the town on the highways, sometimes for a tea and sometimes just passing them with a smile. We were making our self back to where we were few days back and to the same old routine but hey we had much of fun and a ride to remember for life.

How to Install WordPress Using Xampp

I work with WordPress offline for a quite a long time and its basically for practical purposes. I try new themes available and my bandwidth is less consumed at my web host. I do it with my stingy skills on PhP, MySql and WordPress.

The basic cause is that you can develop your project more quick and in ease of time and as mention less bandwidth consumed and guess what you don’t need to use your FTP. With the advantage of your project, you can detect major problems without others constant attendance. That’s the catch. You can install the plugins, upgrade it to the most latest and virtually make anything else with confidence with the knowledge that if there are any errors, there is no impact on your orginal site

It is also very easy.
This is written for Windows XP Home. It works for XP Pro, but only if you stop IIS.

First go and download XAMPP Lite from. You can choose a larger package if you need, but for WordPress, the Lite package is fine.
You can choose one of two download packages – the ZIP or the EXE.
If you are unsure, choose the EXE as this will install itself. (The EXE is also smaller).  Move the downloaded EXE file to the root of the drive. In my case, this is C:\Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word PressDouble-click the file and the extract dialog will appear:

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word PressClick extract – and wait a few moments while it does its job.
You will then have the xampplite directory at root:Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word PressNow you need to start Xampp.
Open the xampplite folder.
You should be seeing a screen with these files (among others) on:

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word PressClick “setup_xampp.bat”

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word Press

Once you have the success message, you can click “xampp-control.exe”

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word Press

Now click both indicated buttons to get xampp working in the way we need

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word Press

You’ll know it’s working when you see this

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word Press

Now you need to see it all properly.
In your browser, enter the address http://localhost/xampp/splash.php

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word Press

After you have clicked your language and entered the program, click phpMyAdmin.

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word Press

Copy exactly what is in this image and press Create.

Swapan Pradhan On Xampp & Word Press

That is xampp completely sorted out for now.

Download and unzip WordPress.
Open the file wp-config-sample.php
These are the exact details you need for Xampp to work because the default user in phpmyadmin is called ‘root’ and there is no password.

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’); // The name of the database
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘root’); // Your MySQL username
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ”); // …and password
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value

Copy those details into your wp-config file, and save it as wp-config.php

Now you need to copy the files to the right place.
Click the Start button, followed by My Computer > Main drive > Xampplite > htdocs
Copy the whole WordPress folder into this directory.

In your browser, go to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php and everything from there should run smoothly!


  • You do not need to use the inbuilt editor to change any WP files. Just open them directly in your text editor, make your changes and then save. As there is no uploading to do, it makes things much much faster – and you can do this without an internet connection too.
  • If you want to use permalinks, you will need to make a change inside another file:
    Click the Start button, followed by My Computer > Main drive > Xampplite > apache > Conf and find the file httpd.conf. Open that in a text editor. Use the search facility in the editor to find “rewrite”. The line you need looks like this:

#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

You need to take away the hash sign so it looks like this

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

Now just save the file.

What is SEO

SEO is the term used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This has been a new trend for websites at current date to earn good Page Rank (PR) among top search engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing to name few. SEO іѕ tһе foundation οf internet marketing. It brings quality traffic tο уουr site without уου paying fοr еνеrу click tһаt уου ɡеt. Tһіѕ ехрƖаіחѕ wһу ѕο many webmasters аrе engaging SEO agencies аחԁ professionals tο һеƖр improve tһеіr organic rankings.

The Internet is open to any kind of market competition. We have businesses from various industries, free to participate and compete. Hence, thousands of websites are produced and developed all competing for attention and of course for profit. This is where SEO services have become an appealing option for these various businesses to be on the search engine’s top result list.

SEO involves the process of preparing and optimizing a website for it to rank high in several search engines. With many visitors that are directed to a specific website, the more chances that a transaction will emerge. But everything starts with making your space on the worldwide web.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts have acquired popularity these days as of their services have become essential in optimizing the site. Site optimization requires modifying a specific or any given websites to rank high in the following types pages. Basically there are two types of SEO, Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO is also known as holistic white hat SEO strategy. Holistic SEO simply means that you work on everything, the whole system and not just parts.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO is sometimes called spamdexing (the opposite of White Hat SEO). Black Hat SEO can be any optimization tactics that cause a site to rank more in search engine. Black Hat search engine optimization is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner.

Prioritization of the following should be strictly abided by in designing a website: a distinctive and pertinent domain name, competent HTML framework that supports the overall feature of your webpage, quality backlinks and of course persuasive web content. These are the basic elements that search engines use while they index a webpage. However, the process of protocol for indexing by a search engines are undisclosed and alteration are done on regular basis

The services of SEO provide relevant help. The IT specialists spend time analyzing how search engines put emphasis on on-page (meta tags, web content, websites URL, keyword density, internal linking) and off-page (backlinks) factors.

The SEO services can be classified into two categories, namely the optimization of the pages and off-page optimization. Inbound links are another important way that search engines rank websites. Basically, foreign link is a link to another site for you more relevant incoming links you have, the most popular site affected, and the higher you get rated. The quality generated from the on and off page of the website make assured that it will have a authoritative online existence. This is the very own spot where the services of a SEO expert/company are decided to be hired, principally true to online businesses once when the website has been built.

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Bryan Addams, Here I am in Nepal

Bryan Adams in Nepal

Bryan Adams-Nepal

The year 2011 is marked as the Tourism year here in Nepal and as February is known for the month of love. The sensational rock star of all time is all set to construct Heaven in the very own Himalayan Kingdom with his songs. The Canadian Rock Star Bryan Addams has confirmed his arrival here in Kathmandu as part of his World Tour. He is scheduled to perform here in the capital itself on 19th Feb, 2011.
At a press conference held on December 8 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, it was revealed that Adams will perform at the Plaza on February 20th, 2011.
The Bryan Adams live-in-concert is being organized by JPR events and supported by ODC Network. Sunil Hamal – CEO of JPR Events, Suresh Jung Raimajhi and Simant Gurung – CEO and Director of ODC Network were present at the press meet to answer media queries.
They informed that Adams’ agent Roi Lamb was here to check out the venue for the event. He has duly advised the organizers to maintain the standards of the security and the hotel he resides for the event.
Adams, a Canadian artiste, is known for his husky, soulful voice and has given hits like Everything I do; I do it for you, 18 till I Die, Have Your Ever Really Loved a Woman, Summer of 69, Heaven among others.
One of the coordinators of the event Samden Sherpa said “Nepal celebrates the year 2011 as Tourism Year and Adams’ visit will highlight this in the global community. Adams is an evergreen icon and the winner of many awards and his popularity cannot just be ignored.”
He also went on to add, “And also February being the month of love, let us start and celebrate the year on a positive note.” Hamal claimed, “We had to convince Adams to perform in Nepal since he is already on a world tour. He will be performing in India and Bangladesh as part of the Bryan Adams Live Full Band Show World Tour, and we have managed to procure two days of his time for a tour of Nepal as well. The real idea is to support our Nepal Tourism Year 2011.”
February 20, 2011 -Dashrath Stadium
02.00PM (+5.45 GMT) – Gates Open till 05.00PM