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The Weekend Ride

So finally after all those hectic schedules, I got a ticket for a ride. It was quite a time since I was back on highway. I missed those lanes, the peculiar smell of tires & engines. Though I just had a day and could do something like 300+ Kms, so I decided to get the best of day. I was confused on the path I would like to drive in. I ended up making 2 routes.

1.      Kathmandu to Pokhara (Davis Fall)
2.      Kathmandu to Ram Nagar (I had been hearing that there was an awesome beech)

With my brains working at the speed of light, I finally opted for No#2 with a good reason my mind i.e. summer is somewhere round the corner. Its 8.30 and I am late on my setup. Finally within 20 mins I was through hustling roads of city and stride on highway. It was just 30 mins that I came to Naubise. Please be reminded that there is a way to Hetauda, the oldest highway of Nepal. I changed my mind, I am going for Plan B, took the lonesome highway. Lucky enough to get less traffic. I was loving each and every corner of this highway.

After hour and half ride through twisty mountain, I landed up in Daman – a spot well known for snowfalls and its panoramic views. Sunny day, cool breeze on your face, a ride to define you the best, what else do you ask for. Its was my butt- break so I went to the View Tower Resort. I had been hearing that on a very good day you get a excellent view of Mt Everest. Thrilled and excited, I made myself to the top of the tower to get up close and personnel with the iconic Mt Everest. It was a sunny day so I was quite positive to get the shot, but very little did I knew that the place where I stood had clear day and mountains were busy hiding behind the clouds. Gazed wide to the clear landscape, green mountains with very less population and not to forget the clean air that I was breathing.

Time to get back to the track, after few kilometers I was placed in twisty part. I was doing good until I found a spot for some photographs. Parked the bike on the edge and start going click click. (Counted In as my hobby). I had shots for time of my life. The sun at noon was quite warm enough and passing through those villages really made me feel good about my country and its men.

Small children playing with all they have, few selling flowers. Did get few but I could not afford to by the whole as there were more then 10 kids selling me those bouquets of flowers. Played with them for a while and got back to my path again.

So finally after 5 hours of steady ride I made my self to Hetauda, one of the industrial hub of my nation and not to forget the main junction connecting east with west. Had my lunch, as my dose of Red bull was about to extinct in me. Now, half part of my ride done; belly filled with delicious lunch, time to take break. As I was planning to be with water at the start of my journey, I drove to the river to chill out. Unleashed myself to expire on water, though I had no plans to swim in there but then having a spot inside the river sealed the deal in me.Placed some rocks to make myself a Rock Couch, feets soaked in moving water I was making myself energized. A pleasant time out and now headed back to where I belong.

Since the road was broad and daylight still hanging on, I had to make the best of it before dark. I revved a bit more then my usual speed and landed at Narayanghat. Now its 5 hours drive to Kathmandu, the uphill route. I wrestled with strong winds all the way to Mugling, to keep my stomach fueled as I still had a long way to go and I needed some strength to keep me going . Its already 8.30pm. I was feeling quite lazy after I took my dinner. After much of long ride of the day, I still had few more hours to proceed before I land myself on my cozy bed. With all the twist and turns, strong winds wrestle, overtakes I came to very distinctive point. I saw a milestone that read “Kathmandu – 46 Kms” and it had a right hander turn. I named it as “Rossi Corner”. Since he is good at turns with his legs out I wanted to do the same so I made a U turn and revved all the way with my right leg opened till I move past the dedicated corner. Trust me, it was fun, tryna be a part of Rossi on Enfield. With that grin on my face, I finally made my way through Kathmandu.


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